Moroccan Riad Bedroom Inspiration

morrocan riad bedroom


This is the continuation of the Moroccan riad Inspiration mood board. I wanted to imagine doing the bedroom for the Morrocan riad so just think of using any simple bed with a light wood finish and create the airy Moroccan white vibe by adding some nice textures used in the form of a rug, throw blanket, pillows. I have also added sunburst mirror in the mood board to create a focal point by placing it on the wall just above the bed. The lighting creates the holiday getaway feeling and also add the texture. Some ceramic vessels with the ocean turquoise color link the bedroom to the swimming pool and add a glow and color to the room.

My next post will be creating the Moroccan riad kitchen.

Moroccan Riad inspiration​ ​



The Moroccan Riad in Marrakech is the most viral swimming pool courtyard that you will find on the web. This is the Yasmine Riad in Marrakech.  After looking at these amazing photos you would start dreaming to take a relaxing dip in the beautiful swimming pool and have your photos clicked chilling by the pool.

I just loved all the green plant’s elements with the tiles of the pool. The white wall with the beautiful modern yet traditional architecture makes this boutique hotel as if it’s heavenly.

I wanted to imagine a living room with good sunlight and big windows and made this mood board by taking the inspiration from the photos of this peaceful riad.

Next, I would like to complete the whole look by imagining of doing the complete home with bedroom and kitchen and bathroom taking the inspiration from the other rooms and spaces of this riad.


Copycat Firecracker chicken of Wagamama

I only heard about this awesome dish from my husband who would just keep praising the Firecracker dish as its the best dish ever that he had tasted when he was in Dubai. But I only got to try it out in a branch of Wagamama in Jeddah. Wagamama is famous for its curry dishes which are fresh ranging from mild to spicier chilli dishes.

The firecracker chicken as its mentioned in the menu is a fiery mix of chicken, mangetout, red and green peppers, onions and hot red chillies which is served with steamed rice, sesame seeds, shichimi and fresh lime.

Sundays are usually a bit busy and boring after the weekend so I was not in the mood of cooking that day and so I wanted to make my cooking something interesting and  took out the boneless chicken and was thinking what can I make with this that is not boring, easy and fun to make and eat as well. (Ting!!!) That’s exactly how my mind got the idea to look for the recipe of firecracker and Bammmm found this awesome recipe on kitchen Things that I didn’t use from the recipe was the mangetout and didn’t use the fish sauce as I didn’t have them instead added a little extra soya sauce but the recipe turned out exactly the same as in the restaurant.

Now I will give you the recipe which is taken from the website of Nicky. Will soon try her other recipes as well.

Firecracker Chicken Wagamama Style
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
30 mins
Copycat version of Wagamama’s Firecracker Chicken
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Asian
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 318 kcal
Author: Nicky @
Chicken and marinade:
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 red chilli chopped finely
  • 1 tbsp chilli sauce – I used sriracha
  • 2 garlic cloves peeled and minced
  • 4 tbsp brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp dark soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp ketchup
  • 1 tbsp malt vinegar
  • 1 tbsp tamarind paste
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • Pinch of white pepper
  • 3 medium sized chicken breasts all visible fat removed, sliced into bite-size chunks
Stir Fry:
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 medium white onion peeled and sliced into wedges
  • 1 red bell pepper seeds removed, chopped into chunks
  • 1 green bell pepper seeds removed, chopped into chunks
  • 85 g of mangetout/snow peas
  • 12 dried arbol chillies
  • 1 Small bunch of spring onions/scallions chopped
  • splash of water optional
To Serve:


  1. Place all of the marinade ingredients into a large bowl and mix together. Add the chicken, then cover with cling film and marinade for at least an hour (or up to overnight).

  2. Cook your rice as per pack instructions.
  3. Whilst the rice is cooking, heat the oil on a high heat in a wok or large frying pan/skillet until hot. Scoop the chicken out of the marinade with a slotted spoon and cook in the wok until slightly browned, and almost cooked right through.
  4. Add in the chopped onion and cook for a further 2 minutes to soften the onion slightly.
  5. Add in the marinade and heat through whilst stirring until bubbling throughout. It’s important to ensure all of the sauce has been completely cooked through, as it’s had the raw chicken in it. Add in the peppers, mangetout/snow peas and dried chillies. Cook for a minute, then stir through the spring onions/scallions. Add a splash of water to the sauce if it needs loosening up.
  6. Check one of the larger pieces of chicken to ensure it’s cooked in the middle. Then turn off the heat.
  7. Take your boiled rice and spoon it into a small bowl. Push it down with the back of a spoon, then place a serving plate on top and turn the whole thing over. Tap the bowl to release the mound of rice. Repeat until you have four plates of rice.
  8. Spoon the firecracker chicken around the rice and then sprinkle the top of the rice with the shichimi powder and the sesame seeds.
  9. Top the rice with a wedge of lime and serve!




Hope you try it it too the ingredients are basic and easily available in home nothing as such you need to hunt the grocery store and I would suggest do marinate the chicken for atleast 3-4 hours.

The original link for the recipe is taken from Kitchen Sanctuary.


Flamingo and Palm Tropicals

Spring is here and so is the decor style. The decor style right now seen mostly are with flamingoes and palms used as a new classic combination. Palms seem to be loved since last year and they are still in for the fact that they create a relaxed holiday mood where you can just soak in the sun and beach sipping a nice cold mint lemonade. Flamingoes added to the palm together is creating a fun preppy style and they both with lush green cactus and leaf motifs are a win-win for a bright botanical look. The two colors pink and green compliment each other very well and can be used in your home in a very simple way.

Below are the pictures I took on Friday in City Max in Jeddah. The home decor section was filled with the sea and beach style and the flamingo tropical style. Must say I was very impressed with the accessories so pretty and trendy that was being sold there in City Max.


designing de desert


designing de desert


designing de desert


Use of the Flamingo and tropical palms are looking the best in baby nursery theme I loved the inspiration board by “the kiwi in the clouds” there are many nursery styles that you can easily achieve by using this combo.


simple everyday mom site


Below is the second inspiration for a baby nursery done by Hoboken.


haboken nursery

I will soon be posting more about the decor stores soon.



Interior design and its magic

Hi!!! It’s the summers and relaxing holidays still going on. There are no worries of getting up for school (getting some extra morning sleep one of the best part of the break). Since it’s the relaxing time and I am on my vacation in India I am getting some time out to think and wander my thoughts (which is mostly about interiors!!) I was just seeing some before and after videos on youtubes and then some on other design blogs as how creatively they transform a space from boring room to a  beautiful room by doing some space planning, working on a good color pallet  that would work for the function of that particular space and then finally they would style up the space with accessiories and other details and decor. Watching the before and after only makes me so happy and inspired so I can imagine how the people seeing their own spaces transform must be feeling .

Interior design is just not a money spend on luxury or making a room look lavish I think it’s a MAGIC which transform a dull boring space into a positive space and brings back the right energy that we actually need to make ourself happy.

Will be posting more soon. I am trying to fix a routine for my blog and give more time to it and plan to get back to writing more.

Stay blessed


Reading in March week 1

Hello again,

I am sharing some ideas that I have been loving from other blogs, sites and magazines this week. Do have look at them they are very inspiring.

1. Lovely outdoor beds shared by Censational girl these beds are super fun and best part they are outdoors well for a place as hot as Saudi Arabia they are not very ideal but if someone still wants them in their outdoor they can put them under a shaded area you can also make your shaded area by planting some greens that will make it even more relaxing.


2. Night stand styling tips by designer Jennifer Koper are just simply amazing something that anyone can try and make their night stand look fab and functional.


3. The third reading really did get me exciting as here in Saudi Arabia there is not much of natural light coming in the rooms which I am sure is the problem with the cold countries even though Middle east have ample days of sun and is a hot zone the houses here in Saudi Arabia have very dark rooms with little sunlight coming in one reason is because of the culture to practice privacy from outside. So this articles helps us how we can light up a dark space without even breaking a wall.

4. The last one is from Inside Out magazine issue love the idea of a small bathroom made to look so stylish and beautiful.




So this is all folks stay tuned for some more design inspirations.




Romantic rental apartment Iceland

Hi everyone,

Soon the winters are going to end for this year and spring is going to start well right now its the transition phase so we can get ready for spring..(happy).

Spring does remind of some romance the colours, flowers and the pleasant weather so today I am sharing with you all a beautiful rental apartment which is in a town of Akureyri, Iceland. I am in LOVE with the beautiful interiors. I am not a fan of classic or european style but the way this apartment have been designed with such beautiful detail its just gorgeous.

This is what the website said which I am just quoting here:

“Old world elegance and country charm. This straightforward apartment space is a simple canvas that has been transformed with great design and a light touch.

With a romantic and peaceful design plan and an enlightened mix of texture, muted earth tones and antique decor, Romantic Iceland apartment is a breath of fresh air. Simple and refined, the apartment features dramatic, dark wood floors with a textured and aged color palette that invokes old Europe.

Bathed in light with pure white accents, the alternating dark palette creates a dramatic and elegant effect. Designed by one of Iceland’s leading interior designers, Rut Karadottir, in collaboration with a local decorator, Audur Skuladotti this is a complete yet subtle overhaul.

Tranquil and inviting, the large fireplace hearth anchors the main living area which is furnished in 18th century period antiques and a graceful central chandelier. Luxurious lilac colors and earthy wood grained dining and area tables punctuate the minimalist design which can accommodate gatherings of six.

The kitchen is an uncomplicated and sleek upgrade with marble countertops and stainless appliances along with a cool pink refrigerator and is fully equipped.

The master bedroom features a king-size canopy bed and a graceful free standing bathtub for a serene and unexpected pleasure. The additional bedroom is bright and simple and sleeps two while the attached guesthouse below is a departure in tone and style and feels almost beachy in comparison. Pebble floors and simple clapboard accents and whitewashed interiors lend it a bright and uncomplicated flavor. With two twin beds this is a cozy addition to the main house.”


123456passagemaster bedroom 1master bedroom 2master bedroom 3bedroom 2.1bedroom 2.2bedroom 1Bedroom 3.1bathroom 1bathroom 2


Mood Boards for Month of March 2015

This months trend is all about geometric pattern and and use of clean geometric lines. Geometric style gives a very modern contemporary look to a space and makes the space look fun and at the same time sleek in style.

Mood board from Emirates Home

                                                                      Mood board from Emirates Home

Love the colors of turquoise, blue and mint green mixed with purple accents and geometric prints and texture.

Mood board from Adore Magazine.

                       Mood board from Adore Magazine.

Just Love the geometric patterns and the hexagonal shape used in the furniture.

Mood Board from Adore Magazine

                         Mood Board from Adore Magazine

Lilac the perfect color for simple luxury and one of my personal favorite. When used with white and gold or copper accents creates the magic of luxury.

Floor Seating ..Twist in the Majlis

Living in the Arab land has made me love the idea of using a Majlis. Majlis is an arabic word which means “a place for seating” it is also a term used to describe a place where guests are received and entertained. The most traditional way of majlis is the floor seating seen in the arab world. But floor seating is just not part of the arab culture it is also part of traditional homes in India, China, Japan and Morocco as well.


The idea of using floor seating need not be just traditional we can always modify the setting and make it look modern and simple. I know when I say the word Majlis you may imagine the traditional arabic seating which you might see in a typical saudi family home. Today I will share with you the idea of using floor seating in your homes and how it can make your space look modern and chic.


One of the main plus point of using a floor seating is that its very affordable and makes the room look airy. Its also child safe if you have small crawling babies in the house there is no fear of them falling down form the sofas. You can easily leave them in the living room and let them play around.


Its really easy to decorate a living room with a floor seating idea what you will need are some cushions and low height coffee table. With the use of cushions you can create different moods they also help in adding color and  texture to your space and also make your seating look more welcoming.


The other easy ways of creating a floor seating is you can use a mattress and cover them with a nice sheet and throw some pillows and cushions on them. Or you can just use big size floor cushions or poufs which are easily available in the market in wide range of variety. You can stack some floor cushions on the corner that can be picked up when there is a larger gathering.


I think floor seatings are fun and a very practical to use. You can also have small corner made in the children’s room where they can read a book or play games or you can also create a corner for yourself where you can just sit back or lie down and relax in the day time.


Let me know what you think of the idea of using a floor seating. You can email me on or just comment below the post. For more floor seating ideas you can visit my pinterest just click on the link given below.

Photo credit: Photos are taken from different website, Houzz, Pinterest and various other sources.

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